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Online mold monitor protector

Patent number 2018212480605

Overall mode monitors, overcome the fixed visual dead angle defects in the outer side of the traditional mold monitor mold, integrated into the end of the robot, editable multi-point V, and realize all-round protection of the mold

Online removal of static elimination black spot color

Patent code 2019218594708

Mounting in the end of the robot, remove the product while rapidly dividing the mold surface, controlling the amount of electrostatic electricity in extremely low levels, avoiding the molding of the mold due to excessive static electricity

  • Quickly eliminate static electricity, eliminate the fastest time1Second, does not affect the injection cycle
  • Two other modes of electrostatic mode: wind knife is eliminated, suitable for routine environment, economical selection; Reflective removal, different from traditional wind knife, cleaner, more reliable
  • Self-band indicator, indicating the static state of the surface of the current target

Weighing quality screening

Patent number 2019218608274

Mounted on the end of the robot, the product can be subjected to immediate weighing after the robot is completed, and the product is subjected to immediate weighing. Through the system setting, the product exceeding the set range of products can be identified andRemove, match the production information system to achieve online good quality monitoring

  • measurement accuracy± 0.2g (depending on the form of the fixture and the surrounding environment, there will be fluctuations)
  • Quick measurement, no need to place the product weigh, shorten the operation of the robot model
  • Combined with the production information system to realize online good test, detect more timely, convenientRegulatory production process and conditions
  • Production data can be automatically stored, connect production information visualization window, implementationMedium surveillance

Online detection mold temperature

Patent code 2019218594708

Dressed in the end of the robot, the manipulator drops into the mold, detect the in-mold temperature, and transmit data to the control system or production information monitoring platform, and perform backend processing.

  • measurement accuracy± 1 ° C
  • Mounted on the end of the robot, multi-position measurement, adjustment convenience and flexibility
  • Collect the surface temperature of the production process by robotic periodic measurement, refine the production process parameters System, improve product quality

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