Tasting, ten years of grinding a sword | Suzhou super group ushered in high-speed development, cooperating with a well-known international brand equipment

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Ten years of grinding a sword, PMC brand is born in the world's top three robot brands!

  • In 2004, the founder, international robot research expert Xia Jinliang, and maintained the maintenance of various brands of robot maintenance, and more than 800 parts of the largest robot maintenance service.

  • Borrowing multi-brand robot maintenance service advantages, in 2005, a large number of introduction of the original Japanese brand robot original design and manufacturing team, large-scale development work, more advanced, continuously optimized. With advanced technology and high-quality manufacturing advantages, it is entered into the high-sciped supplier system to become the only designated protocol of Gauli Jie.

  • With excellent team strength, ten years of optimization innovation, and the continuous test of high-scimic factories. In 2015, PMC brand registration began to sell market sales.

  • By 2019, the sales volume of automated year under the brand increased year by 15-25%.

  • In 2019, it is more than one group of products, and the first batch of equipment is put into 50 units in Chongqing injection mold. Foreign agents purchase 30 units. It is stable. The speed advantage is reflected, the price is extremely high, and the economic version of the robot is recognized by customers and the market. Test.

  • 2021 is a year of superior intelligent rapid development, our quality service, innovative and stable and high-quality equipment has won Guangfa support in the same industry, and cooperates with a number of first-line brand hosts.

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