Be the first brand of mechanical innovation industries, see how Suzhou super group broke through

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2020 new crown epidemic in the global trade tensions have been superimposed, which seriously impacted China and the world economy in the first quarter. The world economy is the greatest in danger since the financial crisis. It is expected that the economic growth will slow down to 2.0% ~ 2.2% in 2020. Affected by the epidemic, China is seriously impacted in the field of consumption and industrial production in the first quarter, and the state increases the macroeconomic policy adjustment. It is expected that the annual economic growth is about 4%. The epidemic will not change the fundamentals of the Chinese economy for a long time, high-quality growth, but the uncertainty in the development of overseas epidemic is large, and it is expected to adversely affect China's economy.

Under such a nervous international and domestic situation, our company adjusts the sales direction. From the previous non-standard automation, the main standard machine market, the research and development and design investment optimization configuration and module structure, and the application has obtained a number of innovations patents, standard machine production efficiency and rapid occupation of professional and high-quality innovation, rapid occupation of the domestic market. Be the first brand of robotic handlers in China.

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