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\"ChinaPlas International Rubber Plastic Exhibition\" The growth of China's plastics and rubber industry has grown for more than 30 years, and has developed into the most large-scale Rubber and Place Exhibition in Asia, and has produced a positive driving effect on the development of China's raw environment. At present, \"ChinaPlas International Rubber Plastic Exhibition\" is already the world's leading plastic rubber industry exhibition, industry insiders are more recognized in Germany \"K Exhibition \", becoming the world's top show one.

At that time, Suzhou super intelligent will have three sets of equipment, and the joint display is made on the booth of three partners. It is looking at the big stage in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao, together with industrial manufacturing enterprises and partners from all over the world. Show a world-class industrial technology event with intelligent equipment covered with high-end manufacturing.

Take this opportunity, invite you to experience PMC to improve manufacturing, more efficient, more competitive solutions, welcome to come to the following three booths:

Joint Exhibition Partner 1: Fu Qiangxin 9B21

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With Richxiang, show the high-density assembly + optical mirror of the environmentally friendly fast food box. Winter time 0.8s.

Joint Exhibition Partner 2: Terui Machine

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The top three robot brands in the world are our constant goal. This exhibition also shows a number of patented modules, the world's first creation, solves the difficult pain points of the injection molding industry.

11A71 looks forward to your visit!

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